In 1983, Ignacio Dávila, player of the Valencia RC, after winning with his teammates the Division of Honor, founded Villajoyosa Rugby Club / Rugby La Vila in the town of Alicante.


A group of vileros players was formed who hardly knew the rules of rugby. They began to train and play in the field of Calsita, from the ground. Later the promotion began in schools like Mª Francisca Ruiz Miquel "La Torreta".


Years passed and the marsh rugby field was built, with a single tier on one side. Decades later, it would be transformed into the current Rugby Stadium of Villajoyosa.


After creating a rugby school, where the different schools of the town faced each other in the so-called School League (La Ermita, Esquerdo, La Torreta, Mare Nostrum, Hispanidad ...), the youth and senior team that started years ago became established behind.


You can see more about the origins in this video of our channel Rugby La Vila TV:



After years in regional and national competitions, it was in the 2006-2007 season that Omar Turcumán's sports management fell, when the first team went from the now defunct National First to Division of Honor B.


Consecutively, in 2008 it is classified for the Play Off of Ascent to Division of Honor A in front of the French Lyceum. After winning in the first leg in the field of the swamp by 41-21 and losing in Madrid in the second leg by 26-23, the Club Rugby La Vila promoted for the first time to the highest category of national rugby.


Under the baton of Bryce Bevin, former coach of the Spanish National Team, they hold their first year in DH, and like La Vila Mariners, they reach the final of the SIR Championship against the Cats of Madrid, but they do not win when they draw for points and have less marked trials.


In 2010, during the stage of Mark Hewitt, the jonense set is Sub of Division of Honor and of Glass of the King in the end played in Segovia in front of the VRAC Cheese Entrepinares. In February 2011 the maximum sporting achievement to date for La Vila, after beating Cetransa El Salvador in the field of the marsh by 10-7, proclaimed a day of finishing the competition, and for the first time, Champion of Division Honor 2010-2011.




During the 2011-2012 season they won the Supercopa in the Central de la Complutense de Madrid after winning the chamizos in an exciting final.


Months later, the European competition Amlin Challenge Cup arrives. Six round-trip matches against three European rugby greats: Sale Sharks (English Premiership); Agen and Brive (Top 14 French)


The results against were bulky, despite the pride and effort shown by the players and the blue and white coaching staff in the face of this challenge, despite the scarcity of resources in front of three European referees.


The vileros managed to attract the attention of the British and French fans of the province of Alicante, showing that in Spain there is also rugby, despite being far from the professionalism, structure and culture of the oval that exists in other European countries.




In 2012-2013 the descent to Honor Division B took place. Four seasons were staged by Hernán Quirelli "Falu" until they reached a new Final of promotion to the Honor Division in front of the University of Burgos. After a thrilling outcome in the return match in the swamp, La Vila returned in May 2017 to the elite of Spanish rugby.





After the 2017-2018 season competing again against the best national teams in the Heineken League, the La Marina Baixa block has managed to stay and is excitedly launching a new sports challenge in 2018-2019




César Sempere born in La Vila took his first steps with the oval in the club of Jonan. Later he would continue his sports career in leading teams such as Cetransa El Salvador. He has lived the experience of the Premiership, the Top 14 and has more than 50 caps with the Spanish National Team.


Javier Carrión, brother of Guillem and Noel also players of Rugby La Vila, already has a spectacular tour as player of Spain XV and Seven. Along with César, he participated in the Olympics of Rio de Janeiro 2016 with Spain Seven.


There are other blue and white players that have dressed the red elastic like Matt Cook, Martín Aceña, Ryan Leroux, Hernán Quirelli, Fernando López, Jonathan Phipps ...





La Vila Rugby School follows its course by training young people between 4 and 18 years old, participating in trobadas and provincial and regional competitions. Also traveling to tournaments like the Tarragona Schools or playing in the National Championship of Cadets held in Torrevieja, among others. Even in the 2017-2018 season, the S14 went on tour to Wales, repeating the same fate as that carried out in the 1980s by the youth, now veterans.


The senior team of La Vila Femenino has been active for years, breaking stereotypes and demonstrating that rugby is not just for men. They continue participating in the South Integration Tournament to promote and disseminate women's rugby. Some of her players have been part of the Regional Selection of the Valencian Community.


The second senior men's team, La Vila B, continues competing in the First Territorial of the Valencian Community, forming a seasoned group that enjoys each game as the first day, at the same time that it serves as a platform for new promises, but above all, to continue learning and evolving together with this complex but exciting sport.


Els Veterans Rugbi The Vila does not stop. They play fewer games, but the training and the social aspect of the oval have it under control. An energetic example that continues adding generations and sharing experience. The founders as the essential base to continue growing and enjoying the rugby vilero.